Board of Directors

PRESIDENT:   Jenny Faye Klooster –

The president presides over all meetings (board, special and annual meetings and executive sessions), and it’s his responsibility to ensure meetings are productive.  Acts as official speaker for the board and the association. The president also works closely with board members to establish goals for the association and ensures the community operates successfully.

VICE PRESIDENT:   Jo Searfoss –

Committee:  Architectural Chair

The vice-president is vested with all the powers which are required to perform the duties of the association president in the absence of the president. The vice-president may assume such additional duties as are defined by the board of directors. Often, the vice-president will chair one or more substantive committees.

TREASURER:  VACANT  – please email for any financial inquiries  

The treasurer is the custodian of the funds and financial records of the association. The treasurer is responsible for collection of its annual fees, coordinating the development of the proposed annual budget and for preparing and giving the annual financial report on the financial status of the association.


The secretary of the association is responsible for keeping and maintaining a record of all meetings of the board and the membership and is the custodian for most of the official records of the association.


The Welcome Committee is responsible for welcoming new homeowners to the neighborhood and providing them information regarding the HOA Good Neighbor Guidelines and will answer any questions new owners may have.

Architectural Committee – Chair Jo Searfoss

HOMEOWNERS: Please submit all requests for exterior modifications to your property via the TownSQ app for faster review. Thank you

The Architecture Committee ensures compliance with aesthetic standards as established by the Hampton Park By-Laws and Covenants. This committee reviews all requests for alterations to individual properties.

DIRECTOR Community Relations Committee (Chair)


The Community Relations committee is responsible for coordinating the neighborhood activities.  These activities include: biannual yard sales (spring and fall), Yard of the Month (May 1-Sept 30, prizes awarded), Best Halloween decorations and Best Christmas decorations (prizes awarded). This committee provides information regarding the HOA-Good Neighbor Guidelines and will answer any questions homeowners may have.


The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining communication throughout the neighborhood and on social media. This committee also produces the neighborhood Newsletter.


Committee:  Website / Webmaster (Chair)




The grounds improvement/beautification manager has oversight responsibility for the various vendors who provide landscaping services including lawn cutting, irrigation, tree/shrub removal and installation and signage maintenance.


An established community just minutes from downtown Nashville.