Minutes 2022


Hampton Park Minutes

January 2022 – July 2022

January 20  Jo requested that Metro look at our community to see if we are eligible for traffic calming 

April 13  Jo sent the HOA Board regarding a letter she proposed to send to all homeowners to remind them of what needs to be done to keep the properties up to date.

May 12  Connie Turner submitted her resignation from the HPHOA.

June 19  Sandy Bendickson submitted her resignation from the HPHOA.

July A motion was requested to remove the downed tree and grind the stump from the HP green space on OHB. Monster Tree submitted a bid for $1400. The motion was seconded by Anita  Martin and passed unanimously.

July 11  A motion was requested to add the additional downed tree to the Monster Tree bid for an additional $1400. The motion was seconded by Susan Lyle and passed unanimously.

July 23  Monster Tree backed out of the project to remove the two downed trees. The next highest bid was $3150 for both trees and stump grinding. The motion was made and seconded by Susan Lyle and passed unanimously.


Zoom Board Meeting

August 23,2022



❖ Welcome This meeting was called to discuss hiring Associato manage the HOA.

o Members present: Jenny Klooster, President; Jo Searfoss, Architecture Chair; Anita Martin, Welcome Committee; Susan Lyle, Secretary; Tracy Nicholson, Asst. to Architecture Chair

o Absent:

❖ Approval of Meeting Minutes

❖ Approval of Financial Report: 

❖ Committee Reports No specific reports at this time.

o Community Relations: 

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o Communication / Website Report

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o Neighborhood Communications Report 

❖ News items from Metro Police Representative 

❖ Old Business: Hampton Park was not approved for “traffic calming” systems from Metro. Jo and Tracy decided not to send a letter to the HP homeowners regarding their property because we would be deciding about Associa.

❖ New Business: Jo had provided us with the literature from Associa Management. Jo and Jenny had investigated hiringan accountant/CPA to manage the HOA financials. They talked to Gunter and Associates Financial Management which was too expensive. Associa would be able to help with financials as well as many other services. In addition, Associa would provide a template for a website, a list of vetted vendors, and an app for the homeowners. Financially, the HOA would eliminate the Quick Books service we are using, and the HOA insurance would decrease. The monthly charge would start at 

$550/month and drop to $450/month after the initial setup. We would also pay an additional $200/month for inspection visits to the neighborhood to look for maintenance issues. The HP by-laws allow for the HP Board to contract an outside agency. The HOA can afford this service with the homeowner dues and transfer fees. The process will take small steps to create the environment the homeowners prefer. With Associa handling the heavy lifting, the HOA Board will be able to provide oversight and return to “neighborhood” events, i.e. Yard of the Month, Halloween and Christmas decoration winners, yard sales, welcoming new neighbors,etc.

A motion to accept Associa HOA Management was made by Susan Lyle and seconded by Jo Searfoss. The motion was passed unanimously. 

A motion was made by Jo Searfoss to increase the 2023 dues by 10% and seconded by Tracy. The motion was passed unanimously.

❖ Next Meeting TBD

❖ Open Discussion

❖ Adjourn

An established community just minutes from downtown Nashville.