Selling your home?

Moving can be stressful, here are some things to remember to help make your transaction go smoothly from the HOA transfer side.

Your property will need to have an exterior inspection prior to closing to ensure it is maintained to neighborhood standards. You will also need to ensure all outstanding charges/violations are addressed prior to transferring your property.

The exterior transfer inspection looks at your landscaping, fencing and exterior of any structures (to include but not limited to: trim/siding/brick etc) to ensure the exterior is clean and maintained.

Some things to consider before your inspection:

  1. 1. Replace broken or damaged trim, fencing, garage doors, siding, brick. Ensure you receive approval for any exterior changes via

2. Power was the exterior of your home/garage to remove all algae/mold

3. Ensure landscaping pruned and grass height maintained.

You can ask for a pre-inspection if you want an idea of anything that needs addressed prior to the formal transfer inspection. We are happy to try to make this as easy as possible for you. We have noticed that many times the inspection is not requested timely and is requested within day or two of closing. This gives you minimal time to address anything. Please request any pre-inspections by reaching out to

**Please be advised that the individuals/companies you have chosen to complete the sale of your property need to provide the HOA with a reasonable timeframe to complete the inspection, up to calendar 7 days.

Resale documents need to be requested via Associa at:

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